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Dusty beginnings 14 February 2018

Posted by Dr Moose in Lent, Ponderings, Self-criticism, Theology.
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I often wonder what it is that inhibits my “public” writing or blogging. I think it must be a lack of compulsion (in the form of expectations or deadlines) coupled with the fear that I have nothing to say, or that is worth saying, or that anyone might want to hear. This wasn’t a problem 20 years ago, but somewhere along the timeline I’ve gone from a ‘Can do’ attitude to a ‘Can I?’ one. I have few problems with my personal journal, but this is different.

Even so, as the Christian season Lent begins, I was struck one again by the familiar refrain, “remember you are but dust, and to dust you shall return. Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ.” Within it there’s something about a recognition of human nature, ‘formed of the earth’ as the Genesis creation story puts it, but also something about our value as Christians, ones redeemed by Christ.

We have value, beyond our base nature, & more, for even the dust as science tells us us, comes from the brightest of sources. We are born from reactions deep in the heart of the blazing suns.

Star-born, earth-formed, divinely-valued. Not a bad way to begin the introspection & self-awareness Lent demands of us…