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who he?

In a sad case of split personality disorder Dr Moose is occasionally forced to acknowledge the existence of Stuart Mousir-Harrison, his (allegedly) sane altar (sic) ego.

He does not think that there is anything sad or unusual about this identity, and will not admit to even the existence of the rumour that his eponymous totem quadruped is exceedingly thick.

Dr Moose is a writer, poet, game designer and occasional blogger who thinks he is a member of the clergy of the Church of England. In fact he must be, otherwise he would be homeless and destitute.

His cat thinks he is wonderful, his wife is very tolerant of his eccentricities and his daughters generally accept him as he is (when they can be disconnected from phones and laptops).

His opinions are his own, and should not be taken to represent the official pronouncements of either his faith group, nor of the university at which he works. He reckons he’s due for a mid-life crisis any day now!



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