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0 HP 22 February 2018

Posted by Dr Moose in Changes, Memory, Role-Playing Games.
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The light of the morning has been dimmed unexpectedly this morning with the news of the death of an old RPG friend. I will confess that my usual rigour of no swearing on Facebook seemed inappropriate. I’m not shouting “why?” at God: death & the reasons & bereavement are things you have to learn to deal, & deal well with, as a minister, but I’m saddened & my life a little less rich as a result.

While I can’t say Mik & I were close over the last few years we had played in a monthly games group while I lived in Kent in the early 2000s, where he would regularly & selflessly act as taxi driver for myself & another. We talked of his work in university, on the IT/Comms side, of his wife & his son, and even then of the growing mobility issues of uncertain origin. As gamers we solved mysteries, wrestled with the enigmatic & cast mighty spells…. as well as laughing.

Our communication dwindled somewhat until the last year or so, in part due to my distraction over the best part of 10 years, and in part due to his use of a pseudonym on Facebook & me having trouble remembering who was attached to it! Since learning of his paralysis below the waist a year or so ago, we’d been in touch more & he’d been on my mind & in my prayers – a non-believer unworried by my near-daily prayers for him & who enjoyed his chats with the Chaplain who visited regularly.

I know he’d had a close call awhile back, since his transfer to a different hospital & a less intensive support environment, giving me now suspicion, but not fact, of quite how we end up here.

Mik wasn’t “old”, but number of years elapsed is an unreliable measure of mortality. With his passing the network of shared friends, relationships, imagination, of community, is stretched, deformed & reformed. We are diminished. Others will rise, reshape & grow the community, but we are all changed. Death. Movement. Life. But not Stasis, that is not our lot.

Today I, & others, will mourn, & remember. And move on, grateful for the memories, sorrowful for the need of them, mindful of those left behind.

There will be glasses raised, in homes & gaming cons over the next year, as another joins our list of departed, & the Tribe honours the memory.

Farewell Mik, my friend.