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Apostrophes deliberate, perhaps? 1 May 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Journal quotes, Life, Ponderings, Prose, Role-Playing Games.

shadowsA man who ponders, and uses the word acquiescence correctly while still half asleep. A man who apologises for snores when waking with part-raw throat from paltry slumber, wonders how to shift the two ‘bonus’ stone (of fourteen pounds each, but has no memory of the use of shillings (unless of the Austrian variety)), who asks whether banks still get holidays, or should when the dustcart crew do not, or even questions how much dust is collected amidst the detritus urban life. Such a man am I.

My sentences variant and punctuation too – forcing clauses and half-rhymes and miss-spelled and signs of times into ink-shaped characters, words and rules of language taken as guide, not law. Such a man am I.

The rare fresh coffee beside, cafetiere now sat grasping dregs and even yet decrying the handle of ‘French press’ by insufficiently-educated others, or maybe displaying my prejudice, error to unseen reader or fictional editor. Fiction, that constant friction experienced in forays towards writing for beloved games’ settings, tension between the author-envisioned and the unseen twist, either damage or signs of genius that may be inflicted on creation, should it ever be released from it’s loving, but still ill-managed conceptual confinement. Might the reader, player, appreciate the mental labour, imagination’s wool tight-knotted and formed by furrowed-brow and random impacts of inspiration? Such a man am I, to care thus, and in morning’s overblown prose kick-start this road-damp extra day, all other thoughts of destination, purpose, as yet still absent (save distant, deep-buried doubt, that this might be the best it gets, even as day is only beginning). Such a man am I, unable as yet, despite mysterious sneezes of early May, not yet paralysed by opportunity, but maybe blessed by ink’s paucity and given cause to stop these reflective, diffuse words.

There’s always maybe: such a man am I.



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