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Meanwhile, elsewhere…. 18 April 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Memory, Prose.
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“…and so I’m delighted to be able to confirm the details of your State Visit to Surimtak next Spring. (Documents from the Civil Service will, of course, follow). It has been too long. I look forward tremendously to your visit. With my best wishes and offering the blessings of Biseh, Salok K-R”

The writer put down his pen, not on the imagined blue-laid stationery of the Rightly-Guided Kingdom of Surimtak, but a cheap, hard-backed university notebook, stretched, and looked up at the clear blue skies of spring. What are we like? thought Wilhelm Brisekind, the former statesman, recently retired from his university post and sitting in the study of his Zollenwald retreat. Grown men and women, escaping the realities of life in Memmingäu, Heimat, Hoelde, Zadavia, even Sudelia, Temur and Raenamon to create a world that is not, and never can be.

And over his shoulder, guiding his pen with mine, I can only agree – and say how much I
Flag of Memmingaeumiss it, those few years of creative fervour, even in the midst of stressful reality. I’d like the former back, without the latter, I can’t deny it. Life though, moves on. Younger ones than I, who co-created with such enthusiasm and imagination, have left education, served their time in the military, married, even moved countries and continents, but I trust that within we, many of whom have never met and probably never will, still listen to the sounds of far-off Eshraval and Atoria, and hear the Muse and share our now-sundered memories.

(It must be age, or something. That whore Nostalgia again…)



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