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A Hell of a shock 15 April 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Easter, Faith, Life, Poetry.
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Dark Saturday, the day when, as one internet wit has put it, Saint Schroedinger explains that as long as the stone stays rolled shut Jesus is both alive and dead. Certainly he is beyond the sight of those who grieve the victim of the Cross. Instead, in orthodox Christian theology the Word of God Incarnate descends to the dead Christ Hellto bring salvation to those who have gone before, after which he returns for the triumph of the Resurrection. It’s a difficult thing to receive, as is the forgiveness offered for those who have faith, but a fitting end to the Lenten blogging, even if my poor doggrel can snatch but the briefest glimpse.

Open all hours, no break nor pause
Hinders powers of Hell’s dark doors.
Thus God-Man slain is received in
Like all whose fate is won by sin.
But blameless he, raised by God’s command
Death’s dread chains breaks with nail-scarred hand.
Kicks his way out, through Hades’ portal,
Restores forgiven saints to life, immortal.



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