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Small voice of calm 7 April 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life.
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My intentions of blogging Monday to Saturday through Lent have taken a bit f a battering over the last couple of days. I should have known that taking a few days off to be with the family in the school holidays would make blogging harder to accomplish rather than being at university! Nevertheless, I’ve not given up, and to pick up on the word for the day, I’m still here!

Of course, I suspect that still, in the sense of remaining or continuance, is not the most obvious use of the word for a blog, or indeed, for thoughts that might draw inspiration from scripture. I can’t hide the fact that I all too often do use it to refer to tasks that are incomplete, and often due to distraction or negligence, as in ‘I still haven’t done the filing’, sorted out my pre-booking as a contributing GM for a game at Seven Hills at the ed of the month, or otherwise got around to all sorts of tasks (although I did pull my weight in the garden yesterday). This lack of finishing may (or may not) have any connection to my enjoyment of liquids that are the products of a still, too. I must, however, admit that a recent acquisition, the oriental-spiced Ophir gin, is very, very nice indeed (but, never fear, I’m only on the coffee at this time of the morning!)

Beyond these ramblings the first faith-related occurrence that popped into my brain cam from the first line of a hymn we sang last Saturday afternoon at the farewell service for the Team Rector of the parish where I served my curacy from 2000-2003. Set to a theme from Finlandia, it starts with the words “Be still, my soul, the Lord is on your side.” Unfortunately it’s a little sombre and dour, the words veering towards (entirely right) comfort in the face of grief and parting.

The first scriptural reference that came to mind was from Psalm 46, with verse 10, which begins “Be still, and know that I am God.” I remember this particularly because I knew the song, as collected, if I remember correctly, in the 1980s book Mission Praise, is gentle & lulling, an ideal retreat into stillness, prayer and reflection, whereas the context of the psalm is the striking juxtaposition between the rage and tumult of change and conflict and the call to recognise security and peace to be found in the God of Israel. It should come as no surprise then that the Gospel passage that fits the best should be that of Jesus stilling the storm in Mark chapter 4.

stillnessBut now, on the whole, the house remains still, a daughter yet sleeping, another quiet enough in her room and a general lack of noise from downstairs.

Hardly the most inspiring of blog posts perhaps, but I’m back on track and have plenty of things I could be up to, whether tidying or writing, before the Applicant Visit Day at uni tomorrow, or Palm Sunday and all that goes with it at church.




1. remel1a - 7 April 2017

Good luck with your Easter prep.

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