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Living Words 3 April 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Humour, Language, Life.
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I may be taking a few days off work (I actually typed ‘off world’, which as a role-playing gamer isn’t so far from the truth sometimes… and maybe a place where a new life awaits in the Off-world colonies”), but Lent is still ongoing, and with it, my intention to blog daily. Hence I’ve swapped the office at work for the spare room at home, and turned my back on the inevitable housework that awaits me.

One of the joys, but also one of the challenges of this word-themed blog is the inherent flexibility in offers – which can sometimes present too many options rather than too few. Today’s word, for example, can be read at least three ways (which is code for “I’ve found three ways. Other interpretations may vary!”) It can be a verb, an imperative (a command) or a state. The New Testament reading set for today’s Morning Prayer (and, interestingly forming part of a mammoth one in yesterday’s Holy Communion) is a case in point. I suspect that it’s not a co-incidence, but you never know.

lightningThe rather wonderful linguistic connections mean I have visions of Dr Frankenstein, hands upraised crying out to the as yet inanimate creature that he has fashioned, as it lies up the slab and the lightning strikes, “Live! Live!” This is not quite what John the Evangelist intended with his description of Jesus standing at the tomb threshold, the stone now removed and the onlookers expectant as he implores “Lazarus, come forth!” (as the King James Bible puts it).

Of course, Frankenstein was dependent upon a live electrical current, while Jesus could probably be described as a bit of live-wire himself, bringing a set of rather shocking insights into the way things are and the way they should be, as well as failing to conduct himself according to many of the standards that were current at the time.

However, I suspect I’m probably having rather too much fun here and had better stop before I blow a fuse….



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