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Worth the wait? 24 March 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Lent, Life, Ponderings.
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I sometimes wonder whether checking the theme for the day in the first half of the morning is a particularly good, or particularly bad, idea. In theory it has the twin advantages of the my early creativity, and if that fails, a decent amount of time to mull things over.

Today it could have all spectacularly failed. Despite the old adage, “everything comes to him who waits” (with apologies to those seeking inclusive language) this supposed virtue looked like it wouldn’t deliver the goods. The word? Patience.

Now, however, I think it might have finally paid off, this waiting game. Firstly there is at least this skeleton of a post, and secondly, news has popped up in my social media feed that may display a lack of it, as the current holder of the traditional post of Leader of the Free World (ironic in itself), has withdrawn his bill to change public healthcare provision in the US. Certainly, from this side of The Pond, this looks like good news – although I’m fully aware that not everyone will agree, especially among some of my US acquaintances.

Not a long post, nor a witty one (unless the pleasant soundalikes of patience and patients can be invoked).. Not one full of Biblical interpretation or deep wisdom (as might be found in an examination of patience as displayed in scripture). Simply the fulfilment of a promise, and, perhaps a foretaste of some hope for others.

That’ll have to do, as my eyelids droop and an unusually early start is taking it’s toll.



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