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Lightly toasted. 23 March 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Lent, Life, University.
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You may remember that a couple of days ago I was mentioning the Christian Union and how I enjoyed going there, despite some reservations (I’m nothing if not honest). I was planning on including more about that event in yesterdays post with the word, remember. As it happens things went a rather different way. Nevertheless the CU meeting still connects, as it was described on the publicity on social media as “new to CU”. While not a deliberate falsehood it wasn’t actually new as there have been “Grill A Christian” events in former years. Instead the last time it was done lay beyond the communal memory of the current membership (while I, old git that I am, have been here for nearly a decade). It was new to them, but not new to the organisation.

grillWhich is where todays word comes in, ask. The basic concept behind “Grill A Christian” did not involve physically strapping some unfortunate saint to a rack and turning up the heat, at least no literally. Instead a panel was subjected to questions asked by those in the meeting and those watching as the event was broadcast live on Facebook, technology accessible beyond any expectation when I was a student (first time round) back in the near Dark Ages of the 1980s. Shortly before the meeting I happened to be chatting with the CU president about it, mentioning that I was always available if needed, and received an instant invitation to be on the panel, which was rather gratifying.

It was amateur, gently shambolic and remarkably good fun.There were some questions which seemed more genuine than others. Some provocative and some less so. Some made us think more than others, but were approached with an attempt to be honest. I doubt that our answers will have endeared Christian faith to every one who asked them, but such is life. In fact we didn’t all agree with other on the panel, and is fine and proper. They certainly would have benefited from some better preparation or knowing the questions in advance. (It was also notable how many questions seemed to pick up from verses of Genesis and Exodus… but that sounds like a point to hag other thoughts upon.)

I’m also aware that I’ve not yet responded to any questions asked of me a week or so ago! And that this isn’t going to answer them either… certainly not while I’m in danger of dozing off over the keyboard!



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