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I’ll blame Stewart Lee… 21 March 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Humour, Life, Ponderings.
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busI run for buses with about the same frequency as I have cups of tea. Actually, that’s a blatant falsehood: while I drink tea once every few months I run for buses even less often. Not quite as few and far between as lunar eclipses, but not that far off.

Why? Because on the whole it’s not worth the effort, not when buses are no more than 15 minutes apart, and the usual alternative is only a 30 minute walk.

This morning, however, as I locked the door, the phrase “no matter what time I leave, a bus will invariably have sailed past, two minutes before” rolled through my brain. Then lo and behold, a bus crossed my line of sight! I could see people waiting at the bus stop, a hundred metres or so away, hence my lolloping, I’m-not-really-running-for-the-bus jog.

The result? A flush of heat (uncomfortable) and a top deck seat, all the better to scribble in. Ironically, running early, the bus then sits for a couple of minutes at the bus stop… and two more on the way to uni.

But, of course, if I’d not run for the bus, I wouldn’t have time to write this, on a sunny Tuesday morning. You never know, I might even treat myself to a mug of tea…

(And why the title of this post? Well, I was reading my old school friend’s article in The Observer from a couple of weekends back just before I left and I reckon some of the humour was lingering…)



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