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In, out, repeat 20 March 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings.

The stuff of life and sign of life, that into cold, God-fashioned dust, did the Almighty breathe. A gift of ruach, divine spirit, that which must enter, leave.

breathBreath. The air we draw in, the oxygen we extract, and the carbon dioxide we expel. Without it, we die. A simple enough observation. Inhalation and exhalation, the process of respiration. Without it, we die. Without it, our imagination dies, our inner child fails to see in the breathy steam of the cold morning the dragon’s fire. Without out, we suffer inspiration failure, the lack of divine-breathed imagination.

Breath. On it we detect the scents, of nature, of perfume, of decay, the whole glorious nasal spectrum, the sense of life, and lifelessness.





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