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Holding On 14 March 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Lent, Life, Poetry.
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There are some days when the process of blogging is more difficult thank others. Without any cause for drama, or undue concern for my well-being, this is one of them. A day when tiredness meets with a stormy horizon, and when social media, rather than amplifying joy and providing support seems more an echo chamber to simply reinforce the negativity that is prone to cloud my brain on mercifully rare days.

The word set for today if anything seems to make writing harder, not better. It forces me to engage in that self-examination so typical of Lent and confront things I would rather not. I’m certainly not in the mood for theological reflection, that while true, might seem a little too close to platitude than faith-reality.

However, if nothing else, the process has driven me into the realm of more poetic than analytical, that, and a memory of a different myth, from a different civilisation and a different source than the book of Genesis that I often slip back to.

Pandora FSChurch Public DomainTired, I seek some inspiration
Through noise without,
Fatigue within. Fickle
Muse, skips away,
Laughter ringing,
“None today for you,
My friend.”

Day’s news paints
Mood black, renders
Future sombre, shades of
Deepest purple hue, as inner
Voice raises cairn of
Doubt, heaping stones
On dreams anew.

Yet beyond, small voice
Still calling, whispers
“Look beyond, and look
Ahead.” Eyes stay open,
Heart stays beating,
Even as chances seem
Retreating, “hold on to
Me.” Hope has not fled.



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