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Colour me Confused, and pass the coffee! 13 March 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Life.

I’ve obviously getting my days confused and my brain tied up in knots (those who know me well will simply smile and nod). Nevertheless it appears that despite all my best attempts I managed to blog an apology yesterday for a post I’d not made the day before while making passing reference to the word I’d believed belonged to yesterday but actually belongs to today. Confused yet?

All of which points to either needing to blog on that word of leadership today, a word that doesn’t simply mean the exercise of management (certainly when not applied in the context of Christian faith, which is, at least partly where this blog comes from) or that today I get a bye of some sort and get free choice of topic, or even whether to blog at all… except I’m blogging now.

Simpler would just to get on with preparing for the next task at hand, which means preparing for the Pop-Up Coffee Stop* I do twice a week here at the more arty uni campus. There are kettles to boil. They are far more simple than wrestling with blog topics. I’ll deal with them, and then the delightful, wonderful bit of service and community-building that is dishing out free drinks to all comers. There’s few problems that can’t be at lease somewhat improved by a tea or coffee, and a chat.

(*Tea is also available).



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