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Deep down? 4 March 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Lent, Life, Ponderings.
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It’s my stated intention to blog daily through Lent. That said, I can’t guarantee equal length, depth or detail each day. With it being gone 11pm (& from the phone app) this might be a bit short & rough!

The word for today is a deceptively short one, a mere three letters. One of the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ and bringing to mind a rather tacky children’s chorus (where it resides ‘deep in my heart’), it stirs mixed feelings. A girl’s name (indeed one of a very young teenage crush, the daughter of one of my school teachers) it’s easy to experience, but impossible to bottle & sometimes hard to explain. It wells up from within when we are engaged in the things that make us happy, content, perhaps when we feel fully human, fully alive. It cannot truly be commanded to appear, & is discovered rather than maufactured (no matter what a particularly annoying speaker at Coventry University Christian Union seemed to think so many years ago – I wonder if the current Bishop of Berwick remembers that evening? And no, he wasn’t the speaker, or even ordained at the time, and neither was I).

C. S. Lewis was surprised by it, and maybe I am by it too. It sneaks up upon me. The word? Joy.

It has found me out today, manifests in both delightful solitude & engaging company, in unexpected places & with unexpected people.If “the glory of God is a [hu]man fully alive” (& forgive me that I can’t give due attribution to the quote) then joy cannot be far removed, surely?

What brings you joy? How does it differ from happiness?

May it break upon you too, as inescapable as the ocean wave, & just as invigorating! (And may sleep come soon, for the night is well established, and with the morning comes church & more besides! )



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