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Morning Lines 2 January 2017

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings, Time.

(Being a light edit of this morning’s journal entry) For three-quarters of the household today is the last day of the Christmas holidays (although the season of Christmas continues, mentally discarded by so many, like an ill-considered gift, or consumed like a novelty chocolate) and to be sitting here writing at this point of the morning will soon feel like a gift too – even if now there’s a blend of wistfulness and adult concern. Wistful because as much as I love writing as a way of filling time and sorting brain I’m unsure about how ‘useful’ it is. It does not, per se, earn money, make a difference in the world or establish me as a published writer (let’s be honest, who really wants to read this?) Concern, because in something of a familiar pattern, the one who works longest and hardest, who needs to prepare for work tomorrow and is beginning to pick up another cold, just in time for the rigours of school, to wit, my Good Lady Wife, watched television until some ungodly hour (sometime between 2 and 3 I think, but I’m a little bit hazy at those times owing to the pursuit of sleep).

Having typed all that I find myself questioning the validity of the stock phrase, ‘an ungodly hour’. My initial reaction was to say that technically from a standpoint of Christian theology there is no such hour as God is ever-present, and that therefore no hour is beyond his reach, knowledge or presence. Only as I write do I call to mind the somewhat archaic language of godliness being a term for proper faith-derived behaviour, of one who would emulate the divine, or display the ongoing work of sanctification, of becoming more Christlike. (You wanted an unplanned theological digression at this time of the morning, didn’t you?)


Independent of all that, the day without holds promise: clear sky slowly brightening in the East as the sun crosses the horizon, a lone over-flying gull and a volume of traffic that reminds me by its scarcity that today is not a normal day of work. Last night’s damp dark has turned to frost-dried morning, and as one who prefers the light to dark, the dry to the wet, it’s encouraging and energising. Long may it continue! Now, has anyone seen my inspiration?



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