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So this is Christmas… 26 December 2016

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life.
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… and it goes on for days, because no matter how much the attitude of the world outside seems to think Christmas Day is the end, it’s really the beginning. I  trust you already know that, of course. Yesterday was the First Day of Christmas, of a series of twelve, hence the old song.

I’d be most happy to admit that by the weather beyond the windows, and those upstairs wide open to air the house, it might be mistaken for a rather different time of year. Inside, however, despite my blogging and the GLW doing an application form, there’s still evidence of the season. A number of presents haven’t yet made it to bedrooms, shelves or cupbaords, there’s still a few bits of washing up to be done, and lunch and supper will probably involve turkey in various guises (I’m quite looking forward to producing a turkey stir-fry later, bringing with it memories of the year at Mum and Dad’s when we had a Chinese houseguest to stay. It may have been cardiac-arrest heaven with all that salt, but it was wonderful).

Now that Advent is done, though, can we say that we’ve got what we wanted, materially as well as spiritually? On a personal level the church presence and worship has been merely satisfactory, indeed I found myself as Priest-without-Charge actually a little wistful. I don’t mind missing the stress of the build-up to Christmas, but it does feel a little odd, to not be exercising some form of ministry (beyond musical assistance, and even then I’m pretty sure that if we hadn’t promised to play on Christmas Day we wouldn’t have gone. If you care for ecclesiological rigour we’d had our Eucharist at the cusp of the Christmas, with the late-night hard-core posse. The thoughts that came to mind on return from that service were more gratifying and challenging than anything else, “Word of Life, woman-born, manger-borne, creator become creature for the good of us all: divine mystery!”)

xmas-mooseWith Christmas comes the inevitable question, which I suppose I should answer, what did I get? Among other things there’s a Christmas Moose cuddly toy (inevitably perhaps known as Christopher), a snow-globe with reindeer (suitably random from LM), a gift voucher of undisclosed value but wide usability, the usual modest haul of wine, chocolate etc, a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar nasty (all the better to increase my chittering hordes), a large red pepper mill (the filling of which with red peppercorns would be suitably iconic) and a rather nice stainless steel tea-spoon (which wins top prize for most bizarre but useful present and will henceforth take up residence in the coffee jar, thanks LMP!)

Having said all that it seems rather strange that anybody might want to read this wittering, but that’s almost beside the point. It would seem, after all, equally odd that the child of a teenage mother and probably rather older father (consider that Joseph doesn’t feature in the Gospels, the Jesus-narratives, once the child becomes adult) might still be remembered, emulated, hallowed and worshipped now, so many years after an obscure birth in a still-contested land, and continue to shape lives today.

In the meantime there’s some bread, sausagemeat and cranberry sauce that’s calling my name…



1. janewilliams20 - 26 December 2016

Of course Xmas has only just begun! Two turtle doves today (though I have yet to find a real life analogue), tomorrow there should be three French hens, and eventually the three wise men will cease wandering around the bookshelf and reach the nativity scene.

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