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Slow Growth 16 December 2016

Posted by Dr Moose in Advent, Life.
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I have never, to the best of my knowledge, posted pictures of myself in this blog. Partly it’s to retain a small degree of privacy, even if many referrals come from my social media feeds (over which I have a degree of control, after all), and partly because what I look like isn’t especially necessary. What I write is not conditioned by what I look like. Nevertheless, at this time on a Friday, as the university term is in its dying minutes, I’m a little frustrated that I can’t pop in an illustrative picture. Not because I don’t have one, but because the computer upon which I’m typing this doesn’t have the required software to anonymise an image as I might wish.

As I mentioned in a previous post a few weeks ago a team of us did some fundraising for Movember, as a result of which I sacrificed my modestly luxurious locks in the aid of a good cause. (As a digression I note that sacrifice usually means to give away something of value, meaning that it’s a slightly incorrect term to use. My hair is my hair, not the key to my identity, and so is hardly a precious offering. My Good Lady Wife, however, might not agree, but that would be a digression from a digression, and who knows where that would take us….) Now the hair is doing what hair does. Growing. Not in response to me willing it to do so (although the aforementioned GLW might be…). Just growing. I can in no way do much to impede it nor promote it. It simply happens. The same with Advent. We’ve already had three of the Sundays, in which the themes of the patriarchs, the prophets and John-the-Baptist have featured in the readings. This Sunday we’ll reach Mary (or the Blessed Virgin Mary if you prefer). Advent is running its course and the expectation is growing. The new arrival and the annual retelling of the Incarnation, draws close. This long Advent, long because of the vagaries of the calendar is already more than half done.

My hair might not be halfway back to its nominal normal length, but this blogging attempt could be more than half over. I hope it isn’t though, and that a good habit is becoming re-established. Advent is the season that starts the Church calendar rather than ending it, after all….





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