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Plodding towards Paradise 15 December 2016

Posted by Dr Moose in Advent, Faith, Life.
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kcpoThe astute readers of this blog (all three of you) may have noticed something of a lapse in productivity. This has been occasioned by something known as ‘life’. I know I had stated the intention to be disciplined and blog daily, but I didn’t succeed. I didn’t expect to, if I’m really honest, but I was determined to try and I’m back. I may have aimed at the stars, but I’ve still fallen back to a better altitude than the one where I started: If not the Moon then possibly Low Earth Orbit.

I may have commented before (an almost inevitable certainty actually, because I know myself) but my experience of Christian faith and discipline in the sense of Advent and Lenten observance doesn’t come easy. I am more Low Church by nature. ‘If Christ has set us free, why are we busy wrapping ourselves up in rules?’ might be a fair way to put it. Discipline absolutely has its uses. The practise of daily Morning Prayer, for example, or the recognition of the being under some form of higher authority, whether that’s officially episcopal and apostolic in the the orthodox sense, right through to the pentecostal/charismatic ‘being under the Covering’ of another is entirely commendable, but there is something of a hierarchy of discipline and, rightly or wrongly, the intention of daily blogging falls quite a long way down (certainly below my private journal). It’s not as if I have dozens of disciples or flocks of fans hanging on my every word of wisdom and insight, after all. Hopefully I say something valuable and helpful, and that’s just fine, but there are priorities. St Paul recognised and admitted to the infant church in Corinth that he’d rather people didn’t marry and were as he was, verse 7, (although he’s traditionally been understood to be a widower, as I’m led to believe that as a Pharisee he had to have been married at some point): that was one way he understood priorities. (Others in the chapter we might not agree with and would form fruitful grounds for discussion: just not now!)

It’s all a lot of words to say “Sorry. I failed on the intentions, but I’m back”. I’m reminded that Advent is a journey of waiting, a microcosmic manifestation of an eternal hope and story. As Michael Card, one of my favourite Christian singer-songwriters puts it in his songPilgrims to the City of God“,

Sometimes we run by the power of His might
On our own at the best we can plod
What we hopefully look for is just beyond sight
We are pilgrims to the city of God.

I may be plodding. But there’s still forward movement. The destination is getting closer. Keep Calm and Plod On.

(If you’re really lucky you might get some non-Advent themed posts too…)



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