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Inspiration vs Completion 4 November 2016

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings.
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There are so many things I have wanted to write about over the last few weeks and months, but for all sorts of reasons it just hasn’t happened, until now. I actually started writing the second entry of the day in my journal and… bang.

I want inspiration, and I want it now, but it doesn’t come on demand, It doesn’t matter whether it’s pen on paper, words recorded or frantic typing on a bright shiny laptop or an old, cranky, typewriter. And even, when, if, it does, the in-breathed spirit, creative, Holy (or both) cannot be guaranteed to bring more than the tiniest spark or briefest quickening or most miniscule seed. It must be coaxed, fanned, planted: fed, nurtured through hard effort and uncertain time until the flash of light, established fire or plant of glory finally bursts forth.

I want inspiration, and  want it now, but if I’m honest, I want the end result too, too fast, without labour, grind or polish. I may as well wish for the stars. And yet the ultimate question, if I had them, O so simply, effortlessly: would I truly value them? Somehow, I think not.

Of course the irony of it all is that passage took barely any time to write, and I consider it good enough to post here. In fact, I’m pretty damned pleased with it.How very, very, strange.




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