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For National Poetry Day… 8 October 2015

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Poetry.

… may I present a few words?

In the midst of a good day, on the wind down from the serving of much refreshment I (mis?)heard the opening words from a passing student. “That sounds like the first line of a poem”, I thought. And so it is.

“She was afraid of butterflies,
but moths were fine…”

Their dowdy, unloved, tawny
Wings deprived of startling shine
Or sunlight glitter.
Flying stealthy, soft, by
Moonlight’s shadow
To batter velvet blows
Upon her night-time window.
Seeking love’s light,
Silent, shrouded suitors
To her self-perceived

But butterflies…

Their gaudy, bejeweled
Beauty, winging iridescent
Flower-fixed, delicate
Sacraments of sunlight,
Passive under summer
Quiescent agents of disquiet,
Horror, from which
She fled,

This larva-girl,
Pupation beckoning;
In innocence.

(Original work, Copyright ©Stuart Mousir-Harrison, 2015.)



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