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Monday Musings 16 February 2015

Posted by Dr Moose in Boozewatch, Faith, Lent, Life, Role-Playing Games, Self-criticism.

It’s the last Monday before Lent. Tomorrow sees the prospect of many pancakes (cooked for Uni students & staff) once music rehearsals are done, while Wednesbury is all about ash, given, received or avoided. I have a love-hate relationship with Lent (Facebook would say “it’s complicated”), but for the record here’s the tentative list of intentions, both giving up & taking up.
Giving up alcohol (again). Nothing especially holy about that… and I promise not to look for spurious holy days as escapes.
Giving up takeaways as a family. Similarly a pragmatic, opportunist approach.
Taking up more prayer. Not to be pious, but honest. My record of formal daily prayer, either morning or evening is pretty dire, despite the expectations (reasonably placed on clergy). Even to manage Morning or Evening Prayer every weekday would be a worthwhile achievement, reconnecting me with the discipline of the divine.
Aspirationally, I should be writing more, both blog posts & Role-Playing Games, but that might be pushing my already over-extended luck…



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