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List it, Live it 20 January 2015

Posted by Dr Moose in Ponderings, University.
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… is the current hashtagged marketing slogan for the university. Derived, I would presume, from the popular idea of the bucket list, it is used as a means of firing the imaginations of potential (and presumably exisiting) students (and staff) and encouraging them to reach their potential, with their time at this university implicitly being a part of the process. I suspect it also is meant to tie in to the university’s status as being a Changemaker campus.

While I can’t say I’d forgotten about it (for to do so I would have to be blind, as the campaign material is plastered all around the university) I must admit it had rather moved into the background. I say ‘had’ because the uni is trying to launch a new staff magazine and I’ve been asked if they can use the one I submitted, and the accompanying photo (I presume), in it. I have no objection. At the time I was asked to write one a friend of mine who lives in Bermuda was in the path of a hurricane, and being a geographer by background, and fully aware of the unlikeliness of it all I put “to be in the eye of a hurricane.” Suitably crazy: suitably dangerous.

Nevertheless, the topic bubbled up in my mind once again this morning. What do I want to do? And the truth is that beyond all the usual things, best summed up as “making a positive difference”, I’m not sure I know. Not when it comes to what I really want to do, the bigger things, the things that cost. I’d like to study more, but not enough to scrimp for the privelege and disrupt my life. I’m beginning to get the travel itch, or more modestly, to simply get to more events for me, like RPG conventions or even gigs. I’d like to write more and get more published, but once again my singular lack of progress belies the importance I attach to it (or maybe the reverse, how much I feel the need to be there for family, even when sometimes I don’t actually want to!)

What do I really want to do? And does it really need the pressure of impending mortality, an approach to bucket kicking, to achieve? I remain far from sure…



1. john G - 20 January 2015

Always enjoy reading your thoughts Stuart, much to think about (even for a stubborn agnostic like me!)

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