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Eye, See 10 December 2014

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Poetry, Ponderings.
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Suspended high above the city,
All-seeing and for all to see,
Hangs The Eye.
Blazing with fearsome brightness,
Glowing, unblinking, attentive.
Sauron’s gaze?
The Evil Eye?

“Woe betides”, the holy cry
(While enlightened, we deign to scoff)
Unthinking of our own idols,
Hidden in full view,
To the all-consuming Market.

Yet, have all,
sacred and profane,
Missed sublime,
Subversive irony of gesture
In Putin’s Iron Capital?

Not very good perhaps, but the rather wonderful little story in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper about a proposed art installation inspired by Peter Jackson’s interpretations of Sauron’s brooding presence in his filmic renditons of Middle Earth provoked thought and demanded response, as well as posing the questions of the images and symbols we live by and under, and whether life imitates art, or vice versa.

(Hat tip to Dom Mooney for the article).



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