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Four Minus Two Equals Free? 2 September 2014

Posted by Dr Moose in Life.
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It is late, but, almost accidentally I seem to be getting back into this whole blogging business. I may wonder why people wish to read, but even discounting the click-bait responses, read they do.

I mentioned yesterday, and a little more on social media, that for the last few days we have been voluntarily and delightfully child-free, courtesy of the GLW’s sister. They are now back (LM has just wandered off to the loo again as I type, indicative of her quite regular inability to “do” sleep, something we’ve know since pretty much Day One!) When the visit was planned we had thought to do something special: surely the first child-free nights as a couple for over 12 years demanded some sort of celebration! But life has a tendency to conspire, and a combination of financial restraints, poor planning, acquiring kittens and the GLW starting a new job soon put paid to any plans for a couple of quiet, cosy days away in the Lancaster and the Lakes!

Strangely enough though, it wasn’t necessary. Instead we simply carried on pretty much as we wanted – the same general routine, but just for the two of us (plus cats!) Very little difference from normal at one level, but with unheard-of space and felxibility. An Indian Takeaway on the Saturday evening, in a peaceful house, without demands of bedtime routine. A gentle walk to church on Sunday, after a delightful lie-in, followed by the decadence of a trip into town afterwards to do a little light shopping (without needing to divert our attention to the time or the childrens’ pester power). In passing I must say how impressed I am by the book I acquired, Florian Illies 1913 (a review may have to follow at some point!) A slobby afternoon followed by being able to cook a chilli when we wanted it and without having to feed others something different. Even with the return to routine on Monday we found ourselves up at the normal sort of time… and then ready for the day before it was ready for us, meaning that washing up and vacuumming could be done and still leave us with time to twiddle thumbs. After work we could just choose to visit our former lodger and take some furniture that we’d been meaning to for ages, simply because we hadn’t had (or made) the time. And so forth.

Now they’re back, and I will probably commit some sort of dreadful parental heresy by saying I didn’t miss them, or the daily duel that is dinner time! Neither did I miss the raised stress levels and occasional fraught communication between husband and wife, that magically disappeared in those few short days!

But I’m keeping the GLW up, however accidentally, and must sign off…



1. faithhopechocolate - 3 September 2014

Time is definitely a gift. So are kids, but a different sort of gift!

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