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Greenbelt: Rekindled 1 September 2014

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Ponderings, Role-Playing Games.
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It seems to be a relatively non-contentious observation that many things require maintenance. Cars benefit from an annual service. Houses need painting and careful attention. Modern computers may be capable of carrying out updates by themselves, but this seems an exception rather than the rule. Relationships, likewise, require attention lest they become damaged or break down altogether, even if, like at the moment chez Moose, it’s just about being together rather than doing anything particularly special. In our case being together  without the children is most special anyway!
I had not, however, thought to apply this to hobbies and hobby-like endeavours, yet on my returns from RPG conventions I am typically buzzing: the re-engagement rekindles the flame. In the same way I feel as if I haven’t yet truly come back to earth after this year’s Greenbelt. As my Good Lady Wife put it, “you haven’t stopped talking!”
I always enjoy Greenbelt. Admittedly some years are more enjoyable than others, and I often go out of habit and loyalty, but they are always worthwhile. This year, though, was something else. I felt 20 years younger and the festival more vibrant. It wasn’t until yesterday, in a chat after church that I could quite put my finger on it.
This year I fell in love with Greenbelt again, something not of the head, but of the heart, and the tiredness & doubts, while not disappearing entirely have been pushed backwards into the shadows.
This might not be the Greenbelt post you were looking for, the catalogue of doings and people met, although that may yet still come. It is, perhaps, a living parable of relationship, and a reminder for me, a forty-something white Christian male, as well as you, my readers, of the oft ill- and reluctantly-expressed, place of emotion, devotion, in this wooly-evangelical Chaplain’s life of faith. A heart rekindled with the fire of love.
And before it becomes like another chorus that sounds a little too like Jesus is the singer’s boyfriend, I’d better stop while I’m ahead!



1. faithhopechocolate - 2 September 2014

There was something very different about this year’s Greenbelt by comparison to last year, in a very good way. I think it’s the trees.

2. Clare Flourish - 2 September 2014

I had not been before, but I loved it. Yes, the trees are beautiful, walking down to the Roots stage or from the main camp site, and also the Mount was an instantly special place for worship.

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