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Silence and Golden Sunshine 19 June 2014

Posted by Dr Moose in Life.

As the days sun sets, and the month advances, you might have wondered whether I have given up on blogging. I have been silent of late certainly, but I have not deliberately ceased. Ironically, as long days of summer pass, I have been focussed on other things, like the paucity of funds in the household accounts, the creation and departure of props and costumes for the carnival from around the Chaplainage and the delights of the University Summer Shows, displaying the immense talent and creativity of the students from the School of the Arts here in Isengard. This doesn’t mean I have nothing to say about the idiocy of Her Majesty’s Government’s policies, the plight of the people of Syria, Iraq and many other places: even football, it’s just not been said here.

But since you probably don’t really want to know my developing thoughts upon the Republic of Salaria, the development of Haüf Socialism, the strange existence of kinship affiliation as displayed through the death of a much-loved great aunt and the realities of coming into the property market as a family man in his mid-forties, I’ll stop here for now. And, if you do want to know, you’ll have to tell me…. and I might just write some more!




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