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Nothing to see, move along! 4 May 2014

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings.
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I like writing.

I want to write.

And yet, when the opportunities arise, over 95% of the time I can’t find the direction or inspiration for what I want to say! There’s probably a medical name for the condition; empty-bucket syndrome, graphimania, sribophilia. Something anyway. Of course, the opposite applies on occasion: a brain full of ideas that whiz past so fast that no pen nor keyboard could catch them, even if there were one nearby.

I have manuscript journals going back over 15 years (far more in the earlier stuff than late), and I have entries every few years saying the same things about me. They show that I don’t change, at least in some respects. I have notebooks, and possibly worse, clipboards, with fragmentary scribbled notes, scattered all over the place. (Yes, this started on one of those!)

I have the frustration of slowly recovering tine and space, with the less-pressurised and more enjoyable ministry I pursue, and growing children who seem to require pursuit a little less-often, but I seem to have lost the ability to concentrate (and know too, that in the area of geofiction especially, that I benefit from others to spark off against) I may have an hour, or even two, but the background overrides the foreground. I can faff on facebook for England under those circumstances, but it’s death to creativity. So, I just have to live with it. Welcome to real life, just like anyone else…

Anyway, before I know it my bluff will be called – I have both an evening service and a wedding sermon to prepare. That’ll serve me right, won’t it?



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