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Dawning realisations 22 March 2014

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings.

Yes, it really is before 6.30 on a Saturday morning, and I’m blogging from the phone as the cars rumble past every 20 seconds or so, the sound of wheels on tarmac drowning out the cooing of a pigeon or the sparse birdsong in this part of Isengard. Curtains now open I can, at least, appreciate the sunrise, slanting shafts of yellowy light painting the world in delicate highlights.
And I’m not sure what I meant to write, which maybe sums it up. There is always that underlying question with a blog: what’s it for? Who’s it for? Yet enough of you seen happy to hear my thoughts, whether substantial or not, so I shan’t worry. Neither shall I fret about not being able to go to Travcon this weekend, as much as I’d like to: I have family obligations & expectations, and that’s expected, normal. In fact I’m working anyway for a University Applicant Visit Day, which is a great way to raise the profile of Uni Chaplaincy, support the uni and meet people along the way.
I shall wind up in a few minutes as using this phone is not ideal, but an irony has just been revealed to my slowly wakening mind: I’ve been frustrated by not writing much over the last few months. Having got bogged down in stupid Facebook games I’ve managed to kick the habit. I’ve tried to revisit old geofiction haunts but the inspiration is slow in coming. I feel frustrated by a lack of creativity and writing… and then what am I doing at this time on a sunny Saturday morning? Writing!



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