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Naming the Powers, or Addicted to …what? 23 February 2014

Posted by Dr Moose in Humour, Life, Role-Playing Games, Technology.
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It is hard to write this, but nevertheless I need to. I’m a addict. Not to anything illegal, and I don’t mean my over-enjoyment of wine and coffee. No, it’s hard to write this because I think I’m addicted to something equally harmful and insidious… Farmville2! Yes, that Facebook game that other addicts fill your timeline with in their need for their latest fix has got me.

You won’t have seen it on my FB page because like any good and respectable individual I have a different mask to hide behind when I play, a second account, but it’s the same body sitting in the chair, clicking the mouse and filling the streadsheet inventory of goods, recording, cataloguing… In fact, a more shocking confesssion: I have two such accounts and two games on the go!

OK, I admit that I’m hamming it up a bit, but most of my active Facebook friends might have noticed I’ve not been around as much. I have written nothing of value since Christmas and this is my first blog post of 2014. It’s a long time since I blogged daily, but even so…
The problem, of course, is that it’s so easy. Not only is the game designed to pull you in, easing you into dependency, but it’s also sociable. You need help to play it to the best, and if other members of the family just happen to be playing on their laptops on the household network it becomes even more so. I can sit in the same room as others, chat and not be too distracted, but it isn’t that intensive. Which is good news, at least at one level.

It also explains why I have written nothing of value. That requires a degree of seclusion and concentration, a lack of sociability. Discipline even

So please have patience and look mercifully on me. That scenario for Continuum will be written. Glorantha material will be developed. My much-neglected lands of Surimtak and Urimtach will be detaild. The wind-damaged fence panel will be repaired.

I can give it up any time I like, honestly. Just not now: the animals need feeding and I have lots of Heirloom Cherry Limeade to make…

(And it isn’t idolatry, then I don’t know what is….)



1. Jane Williams - 23 February 2014

Oh dear 😦 It was Castleville for me. The only way I escaped was to completely delete the account.

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