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As bicycles go… 22 October 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Chaplaincy, Life, Ponderings, University.
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The University is a place of rapid growth and change. Buildings morph over the period of a summer. A grassy meadow has become a car park in the period between one term ending and another beginning.

Human nature, however, does not change. The good folks from the Islamic Society are as hospitable as ever, meaning I must write this fairly swiftly to capitalise on (what were, last time I looked) vast quantities of the Tarka Dahl left in the Chaplaincy Centre fridge. Good news travels fast, though, so there may be none left.

And talking of things left, and human nature, brings me to the bicycle. It has been there for months, certainly since the end of the summer term, and maybe longer. A red mountain bike, securely fixed to the rail in the bike shelter not a hundred yards from the Chaplaincy. If it was at the other campus I might claim it was an art installation (stranger things have been known to happen…). This bicycle though is not going anywhere, although I’d be interested to see someone try. The rear wheel is seriously warped, as if struck by something extremely solid. As bicycles go, it is “not fit for purpose”, dysfunctional. In fact as bicycles go, it doesn’t. I’m strongly suspecting that it has been abandoned.


Can it be mended, restored and “redeemed”? Absolutely, at least to my casual perusal.

Until then though, not only is it a sad testament to the human tendency to abandon the unwanted, it is also blocking the bar, hindering the use of one-eighth of the available bike-parking space.

Why am I writing this? Simply because I wonder how many people there may be in this Uni, or who we know in our lives, who are like that bicycle: going nowhere, needing mending, and  stopping other people from getting on with their own lives?




1. Suei - 22 October 2013

it has been there for over three weeks, and may have been the one that was down at WC before the summer holidays…………..though like you await to see who rides it!

Dr Moose - 23 October 2013

Thought it had been longer! I will watch it’s non-movement with interest.

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