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On this day… 1990. 3 October 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Changes, Life, Ponderings, Time.
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Our pasts are littered with significant events. Sometimes we know at the time that the happenings around us are historic. Sometimes they only grow in significance later on, with the benefit of hindsight, so that even the things that will happen today may become a turning point for the future. Sometimes, of course, they are just normal, mundane.

In mid 1990 I started keeping a journal, a journal which in theory is still ongoing, even if there are gaps of over a year in places and somewhat more disturbingly the current volume of which seems to have taken a leave of absence for a while! (I’ll find it). This morning I looked in that first book, to see what  I’d been up to in October 1990, and although it might be better posted in a different blog, Tales From Elsewhere (on the grounds that the past really is another country) I’ll put a lightly edited excerpt here. Because I can, and because it was an internationally significant event that I recorded in passing.

Wednesday, 03-10-90

Well, it’s just turned midnight and the only reason I’m doing this is because tonight is German Unity Night – now East & West Germany are meaningless – it’s all one again – smaller than Bismarck’s, smaller than Hitler’s, but still 78M – France is no longer the largest state in Europe, and Germany with the increased EC votes and potential has come to a new role, place and status tonight.

There is also a personal significance – 2 1/2  hours ago we finished recording our demo tape (yet to be mixed) in RMA Studio, Plymouth at £9 per hour. While all was being recorded we felt the joy and elation, now it is the same post-event feeling – it’s gone, it’s past and we need to move on to another challenge. And in the joy there is an element of sadness too – John has decided that he will return to Guernsey, and consequently be leaving the band. It is sad, but we all agree that it important that he be happy and be in the place where he is happiest – that’s where he will give his best.

There was more, but that can remain. Twenty-three years on the band is a distant memory, although the tape may still exist somewhere. In retrospect 1990-91 was a significant year for me, a transitional time that I remember with very mixed feelings. By the 3rd October 1992 I was in a new city, doing a new thing, the result of some big steps forward, including a realisation that I needed to change, and a painful time it was to be, too.

But with that word, time, I must depart for the challenges of this day. Whether I’ll feel free to publish more from the journals some other time, is best left open. A bit like the future.



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