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The Wheel Turns 1 September 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Chaplaincy, Faith, Life, Ponderings, School, Time, University.
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As September’s first cool breath causes summer to pause, and with doubtful face consider his departure, I know, no matter what the calendar or conventional wisdom may say, that the New Year is beginning.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that I feel this way (and maybe you do too). Our early years are formed into a steady pattern of summer holidays, of annually decreasing duration as our own years lengthen, drawing to a close and a new year beginning as Summer ceases and Autumn begins.

Forget all that stuff about the 1st of January, whatever the number counting from the real, but unknown, date that marks the Messiah’s birth. New Year is now, in both the breath of the seasons and the deeper traditions and practise of family life.

This morning, on the 1st day of September, as I have returned to work and the children will to school, complete with the new start that is LM’s entry into Secondary School and the transition into not-quite-childhood that it proclaims, this morning the air is cooler, as if nature herself knows full well that change is coming. Can the calendrical change from the tenth roman month to the month of the two-headed god claim as much? Of course not: dark and cold simply precedes more of the same. But now, the wheel turns.

My second year as full-time University Chaplain begins today. The sixth anniversary of Clan Moose’s arrival in Northampton is upon us, as is a fifteenth wedding anniversary.

As is typical of my manner of writing, in this near-stream of consciousness and sometimes vaguely poetic prose, I have only just finished the preamble to my intended main point, the end of year festival and clock-resetting phenomenon that is Greenbelt, but I think that can wait for later in the day… or is it year?

New starts loom. Are you, and am I, ready?



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