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Where did the month go? 28 July 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Role-Playing Games.

How time flies! (Usually through the medium of the alarm clock being thrown out of the window…)

I suppose this is simply an update, the equivalent of a friendly wave, to say “I’m still here!” After all, every time I start to write a blog post, it never gets beyond the Draft stage (such as posts about Ramadan and Graduations). Suffice to say at the moment that after 3 months in the house I’ve been moving and shifting furniture and books, including putting the computer station in the spare bedroom (as was suggested by the GLW shortly after arrival, and rejected by Dr Moose, the Lord of The Manor.. and wrong!) and given up the pretence over which were the really important books and brought all the RPG material off the landing and into the spare room, while relegating the (still insufficiently sorted) bulk of my “Theological Library” to the dimness of the Landing!

In other news, I will be getting to Greenbelt, although I’ll probably be buying a ticket when I get there (and still trying to work out whether there’s an easier way not to have to hire a car!) as well as operating on a limited budget. Also Kickstarter is the new eBay….

That will be all, as a shower beckons, to be followed by church. Exciting life, huh? 🙂



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