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Testing Times after Testing Time 20 June 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Chaplaincy, Life, Ponderings, Theology, University.

It is summer in EMUT, & so summer in the University. Term has a couple of weeks to run, but students are conspicuous by their absence. Exams have been sat. Degree classifications published. Academics have the space and time for much-valued research & planning. Student services staff have some jobs to do, but since by definition we exist to support students it is rather quiet in certain sections & places. Quiet enough to ponder, in my case, thoughts of more study, another Masters Degree perhaps (an MTh?). There are, of course, a number of problems with that thesis. First, I have the time now, but not all year. Second, I rather enjoy having a life, and maybe most importantly, I lack the £8,000 or so!

I suppose that means anyone wanting my critical thoughts on The Nature of Chaplaincy in A Special Interest Community, with particular reference to Role-Playing Games is going to have to wait.

In the mean time, anyone for coffee? (If I could satisfy my conscience beyond “I’m here & available” I might get some personal writing done, but I’m not at that point yet!)



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