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In aqua, veritas? 8 March 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings.

In that awkward time of the morning, when there is no point in leaving to simply sit in traffic queuing to get on campus (a rush hour that involves no rush) on a day when I would quite happily take off (legitimately) were I not needing to speak to someone, I find myself sitting here.

Last night, as I was chivvying LM to get in the bath there came a cry of “Daddy, come and look at this!” So, resigned to yet more 10-year-old time wasting, I went to see what was up. There, in the bath, a vision (obtained after much flapping):


In the words of Rolf Harris “Can you see what it is yet?” The cause for delight? “It’s the world Daddy!” Or more correctly, there it was, a whole world in a bath, laid out in Mercator projection. A massive continent, girdling the south pole and extending almost to the north pole, there in the west (think of the ocean currents through that narrow sea between it and the north pole!) Islands, inland seas and lakes, all rendered in soapy bubbles! I was even more delighted when LM noticed that in the time it had taken us to find a camera some of the islands and continents had moved. “Continental Drift” I told her, “it happens in the real world too”.

You might say “so what?” You might say “we do that all the time.” But just for a few moments yesterday evening, as a dedicated Role-Player Gamer, Geofictioneer and resident of many worlds beside the one we see, I was just that little bit proud of my “big girl”. And maybe more importantly, maybe, just another little indicator that quite possibly I do have reasons to be uncomfortable with this year’s marketing slogan for an institution not to far from here, “University isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” In the soapy waters of the world ocean something was most definitely found, the shared love of imagination of both father and daughter!



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