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Transformations 10 February 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

I wouldn’t have known without my friends on Twitter, but today the readings of the Lectionary  cover the Transfiguration, that strange event in which greater to degree of the glory of God in Jesus is revealed to Peter, James and John. Today also sees a different transformational event in the life of the other institution, the Winter Graduations. So often it does seem an excuse for dressing up in archaic regalia, even for showing off, a bit like church. It has it’s own liturgy and required postures, standing for the entrance of the Mace, the Chancellor, and the National Anthem, a bit like church. It in many ways resembles a rite of initiation, not a baptism, nor a wedding, nor a confirmation, but neverthess there is a change of status, if not ontological state. The candidate (although not in white robes, despite the Latin origin of the term, ascends the stabe as a Graduand, and after being handed the certificate, leaves the stage as a Graduate. Their achievements are publically displayed, even more so in the days of livestreaming ceremonies over the internet. Jesus, in the Transfiguration is perhaps not so much awarded, but displayed, unless we are to understand something of the process as somewhat akin to graduation, in which the affirmation is not just for the public, but for the recipient.

However, since I will also be on display, in my PhD robes, I suppose I’d better leave things where they are, as a shower, hairwash and shave are required to make sure that I too am suitable for public display, to the greater glory of both God and the University!







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