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On seeing myself rightly 2 February 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings, Self-criticism.
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…or more correctly on hearing myself. Today is my younger daughter’s birthday, and I think she’s had a good time, including us taking her and six friends out to lunch for a pizza hut party. She, and her older sister, have both had new mobile phones too. They are very lucky girls, and I think the older in particular is fully aware of it. Unfortunately from the moment she discovered she could record videos LM has either been recording, openly or covertly, or reviewing them, loudly. At a technical level I’m wondering where on earth, or in the phone, it’s all being stored!

I’m unusually tired and stressed out. At least I hope so, since every time I hear her going over her amateur documentary (complete with interviews!), all I hear is myself, and nearly all the time I’m complaining, being negative, or shouting. I’m not enjoying it, or myself. LM seems to think it’s all terribly funny. I’m not convinced. Am I really always like that at home? I know for certain that I’m not at work.

It’s profoundly disturbing. And I really have very little idea how to deal with it or what to do about it.

Kyrie Eleison



1. Jane Williams - 2 February 2013

Presumably she isn’t recording every single moment of the day, so the parts you’re hearing on video are “selected highlights”. Why she’s chosen those moments to record is another question, but I doubt very much if the actual proportion of your time you spend being negative is as high as the recordings might suggest.

2. Dr Moose - 2 February 2013

Far from sure on that one Jane, as she’s been recording in the background pretty much all of the day…. and covertly. We shall see.

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