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In praise of books 14 January 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Recommendations.

It may not come as a surprise to know that I like books. In fact it’s one of the biggest factors complicating our needed house move, eight 6′ 6″ tall bookcases need a lot of wall space, and we are going to need to buy even more, since my theological collection (I hesitate to glorify it with the title of “library”) currently rests, at least in part, upon built-in shelves (which by definition are not mine to move)!

All this, however, is, in my usual verbose manner, by way of a preamble, to recommend a short, but well-written post on the subject, or more correctly on the down-side of e-publishing, by my friend, Dom Mooney.

I commend “Amazon – killing reading?” to you all!



1. Nick Brooke - 14 January 2013

Link’s broken (spare http:// at the end)

2. Dr Moose - 14 January 2013

Thanks Nick. Amended.

3. tzunder - 14 January 2013

I like e-books but I can’t be sure if I like e-comics.. probably..

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