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Boozewatch, Wk 2 13 January 2013

Posted by Dr Moose in Boozewatch.

Just a brief update to let concerned friends and readers know that it’s been  far better week this week than last. I am (just) under the recommended weekly allowance. I can’t deny that it’s quite hard work, and that I haven’t been as “good” as I might like, but it’s a definite “win”.

Long way to go in cutting out some unhelpful habits, but you have to start somewhere. The first challenge is to be sure that I’m “not regularly exceeding”, and to work from there. And, yes, I would rather like a double malt whiskey to end the day (I even have a proper measure) but I’m not going to.

My irresolutions also called for better eating, and I am, if not sharing the GLW’s diet, at least eating the same at family meals, but any more than that can wait. One step at a time…



1. Jane Williams - 13 January 2013

Would simply cutting down from a double malt to a half-measure help? That’s more or less what I do with chocolate and crisps. Tiny quantities, high quality.

Dr Moose - 13 January 2013

To be honest it’s not a double malt that’s the problem, it’s the far too strong gin and tonic (if both are in the house) or more often (since they rarely are), the getting through a bottle of wine in the evening… and no one to share it with, too often through the week.

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