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Does anybody actually read this blog? 31 December 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Ponderings.

Do I say anything worth reading?

Existential Crisis in progress, please move along. Thank you.



1. David Scott - 31 December 2012


2. Carys Underdown - 31 December 2012

No. ;-p

3. Dr Moose - 31 December 2012

Thank you David! The question is not simply something tongue-in-cheek as I am very aware that I have blogged more in the past, and that people seem to have found it useful and stimulating, at least on occasion. I am also very conscious of the fact that I have spent a fair while over the last few days and weeks mentally composing or starting to write blog posts but never finishing them, or losing my nerve about whether they have any value (however we might define that). As the New Year beckons (even if it is simply a number change…. now there’s a blog post topic) I actually have the gift of time to think about what I want to do, and how I so often fail to do it. This coupled with some serious thinking about social media in general and Facebook in particular is leaving me a little…. ill at ease. Hence the initial question.

4. tim ellis - 31 December 2012

Yes, I read your blog, and yes, you do say things worth reading. Maybe not every entry is destined for the leather bound definitive “Collected Works of Dr Moose” – but I’m sure that is equally true of even the greatest writers and philosophers.

5. BenDQ - 31 December 2012

I also read and enjoy them as a fellow gamer and clergyman – although somewhat enviously during the busyness of Christmas prep this year – keep them coming!

6. Jane Williams - 31 December 2012

Yes, I do read them. I don’t always have anything worthwhile to say in response, so just tiptoe away silently leaving no trace of my passing, but if it would make you happier, I can start to add “Jane Woz Here” markers in the future 🙂

7. Suei - 31 December 2012

One does like to think about what you have written but may not necessary comment. One does like to ponder whilst walking around campus in the wee hours!!

8. iggandfriends - 31 December 2012


9. Russell Middleton - 31 December 2012

Yes, but only with my eyes closed as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

10. Chris Green - 1 January 2013

Yes, I read your blog and your twitter.

11. tzunder - 1 January 2013

I do and even comment!

12. kangerew - 1 January 2013


13. Dom Mooney - 2 January 2013

I like your blog. I read it regularly.

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