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’twas the night before Christmas… 24 December 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Changes, Faith, Life, Ponderings, Time.
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… and for the first time I can remember I’ve just had time to walk to the supermarket and grab a few last minute bits (mainly some vile pickled walnuts for the GLW).

None of us are especially well this year, so it’s possibly just as well that I nothing of a church-ified nature to do. It continues to be a strange feeling, with no need to write sermons, or stay up late for midnight service, but for once I’m not going to feel bad about it. Not everyone could, or would wish, to be a University Chaplain, after all.

But best of all, so far at least, is not the family time, ‘cos after four or five nights of broken sleep, coughing (others), high temperatures (others), after my own un-wellness earlier on, I can’t honestly say that the family time has been great. Instead the best is simply the gift of time.

Time. Time to think. Time to sleep. Time to stop. Even simply time to walk to the supermarket (which was pleasantly quiet). And time to stop on the way home, in the dark, and watch a string of Chinese lanterns rise into the sky, glowing amber in front of orange clouds, rising higher before twinkling out and being lost to sight.

So, as the family and I watch the end of ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’, may the Christchild come to you all this Christmas time, and God himself be born among us once more, giving us the light of heaven, not just for a few minutes, but for ever. Immanuel, God-with-Us. (Here ends the Christmas Sermon…)

And, since we watched The Wind in the Willows this afternoon, the closing carol:

Villagers all this frosty tide, Let your doors swing open wide, Though wind may follow and snow be tied, Let draw us in by your fire to bide. Joy shall be yours in the morning.

Here we stand in the cold and the sleet, Blowing fingers and stamping feet, Come from far away you to greet, You by the fire and we in the street, Bidding you joy in the morning.

For air one half of the night was gone, Sudden a star has lead us on, Raining bliss and benison, Bliss tomorrow and more and on, Joy for every morning.

Good man Joseph toiled through the snow, Saw the star or the stable low, Mary she might not further go, Welcome thatch and litter below, Joy was hers in the morning.

And then they heard the angels tell, Who were the first to cry Noel, Animals all as it befell, In the stable where they all did dwell, Joy shall be theirs in the morning.

Merry Christmas all!



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