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Mixed Messages 2 December 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Role-Playing Games, Technology.
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Some of my readers, I know, are on Facebook, or Twitter, or both, as am I. Such networking, and I must also say, community, has been entertaining my mind of late (along with many other sources of thought!)

Anyone who does loiter within my Twitterfeed, would see a very strange mix of comment and content, as, of course, do I. Role-Playing Gamers rub shoulders with Christian ministers, Prog Rock recommendations admixed with my doggrel, information from the European Space Agency, progressively-minded Christians of a Greenbelt-ish inclination and other random sources beside. What I have found odd is not so much the cohabitation of Christians and Gamers, per se, but the absence of Christians of the stripe which would have problems with Gamers within my lists. My faith-heartland is still (just about) Evangelical, yet most of my on-line friends are off a more Catholic and/or Progressive slant. Proof perhaps that I really am a Liberal, woolly, Evangelical, if Evangelical still.

In Facebookland I have made the rather sad decision to de-friend an old contact from my Pentecostal days. I regret it, but the strange relationships of Facebook have meant that I learnt more about this particular person than I ever knew before. Sadly his rather rabid Fundamentalism, which which I can live, is allied to the odious mind-set of Christian Zionism, with which I cannot. The problem with Facebook, and Social Media in general, has been writ large in this example. I have not attempted much in way of dialogue simply because it doesn’t work on Facebook. I may enjoy stirring the pot, or dropping thought-starters into my circle of friends, but I have my limits. And that boundary was crossed. I’m fully aware that it’s the sign of a healthy mind to be open to criticism, but there are limits.

In the matter of limits, I discovered another one this weekend. I am a regular attender of Greenbelt, as well as being an Angel (a financial supporter and fellow-traveller), and was delighted that GB had plans to do more than just a Bank Holiday Weekend in August. Strangely, when it was announced that this “something” was to be in London, I was somewhat disappointed. Yet it doesn’t take much to persuade me to go into the capital for Role-Playing Games purposes, whether that’s to shop, to socialise or to play! And “the play’s the thing”, which explains why I was at Dragonmeet yesterday in Kensington Town Hall… rather than Adventurous at Union Chapel, which I’m sure was good.

Strange maybe, but true… and for any Evangelical friends and fellow-travellers I would simply say this: where should a Christian be found, in the midst of the faithful only, or living the faith in the midst of daily life?



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