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An unwanted vote: a non-existent mandate? 19 October 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Grumbles, Ponderings.
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(Warning: this might qualify as a Rant, or at least a wildly inaccurate but highly entertaining piece of polemic!)

My UK ( or is it English, or English and Welsh?) readers may (or may not!) be aware of the latest ridiculous piece of democratic privilege, the direct election of Police and Crime Commissioners, which as an aside causes the mind-boggling image of an elected Crime Commissioners (“Vote for Me for more Counterfeiting, Forgery and Confidence Scams! Say No to more Burglary!“)

But I digress. This rather pointless exercise (to put it politely), not to mention the even more ridiculous recent publicity campaign (which seems to imply that the failure to vote will result in an end to policing), had me looking to exercise my democratic right to abstain (a rare thing for me to say indeed).

I can understand the logic, although I believe it is flawed. The intentions were honourable enough (as if we actually wanted the choice…) but the strong showing of candidates affiliated to political parties fills me with dismay. This sort of post is too important to be left to the whims of party lines and wanna-be politicians.

However the people of my county may rejoice! For lo! Behold there is an Independent Candidate! This might just force me to vote. For a post I disagree with. With a privilege which I did not request. For an individual I do not know. In an election which will stunningly fail to capture anything like enough near votes for anyone to count as a mandate.

Cynical? Me? Or just realistic?

I’ll let you decide…. but before you do, don’t forget that details of candidates and their policies’ will not be available online until the 26th of this month. And that this will not drop through your letter box unless you ask. And that you will get a first and second choice for whom you wish to elect.

News to you? So was much of it to me, until I started writing this.

You can just feel my enthusiasm, can’t you?



1. kangerew - 19 October 2012

I thought all a police commissioner had to do was to project a silhouette of a bat on to the clouds and then someone else sorted out the villains at no extra charge…

2. Thomas Zunder - 21 October 2012

I have to say I am not at all convinced we need PCC at all. I am happy for the police to report to the councils they police within.

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