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Is Blogging a dying art? 11 October 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings, Technology, Time.
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I cannot say that my blogging is dead. Look, after all, here is a post, and, of course, there are more. Nevertheless I cannot deny that my blogging is far less frequent than it used to be. Likewise, my reading of others’ blogs has decreased radically over the last few years. It could simply be that I have had far less time over the last few years than I had when I started blogging. That, indeed, is something I still hope to be able to change with the move to Full-Time University Chaplaincy, and with it the implicit permission to read and think rather more. How much difference it will really make is yet to be seen.

However, to blog ‘well’ (how ever we understand that) takes time. Admittedly some, or even many, of my posts are little more than thinking aloud, but composition takes time. It would appear to be no coincidence that as my social media use increased my blogging decreased. Now, with the job change I am not only blogging a little more, but I am also using Facebook rather less, as I access it via a Twitter client. (Twittering itself has been described as micro-blogging, and is a further writing art, especially given the character limitations).

That’s all for the minute, as I have a Communion service to prepare. But at least it’s public. And at least it’s a post. Not dead, not dying. Just rushed.



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