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Time and change 20 September 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Changes, Life, Ponderings.

There are many strange things that happen in this process of changing jobs. One is about time management. For 12 years I have had to get up in time for Morning Prayer, which has meant leaving the house by 8.25. That does not help very much now, if I leave after 8.15 in the morning I will be stuck in traffic and POG wastes a lot of petrol in traffic. I could leave earlier, of course, but there’s not much point in that, as nobody is around awake on campus. Instead I am faced with a challenge of learning what to do I wait for the traffic to abate. I will let you know when I’ve cracked it. Dictating a blog post seemed like a very good idea this morning a suitable way of passing time. I am suitably impressed by the technology. I expect I might be using this more often, but if today’s results are anything to go by then my sentences will be shorter and far less interesting!



1. Tim Hall (@Kalyr) - 20 September 2012

What did you use to dicate it?

2. Dr Moose - 22 September 2012

Just used the built in facilities on my Galaxy X, and then lightly edited for punctuation etc. Dictated in fairly short bursts, as I don’t know what the memory capacity is.

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