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Too fast? Or striking while the iron is hot? 6 August 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Life.

So, yesterday I recounted the last Sunday and tomorrow is the last day. Today, ah today! On Saturday evening I went internet househunting, looking at a lower price than before. And there was a rather intriguing place, end of terrace and therefore semi-detached. No garage, it had been converted into a study. Good location. Last night I put in a viewing request and today we went to have a shufti. I have to admit we were mightily impressed – a place that ticked all the boxes. Bigger than it looked, with no apparent major faults (prior to survey!) and very little work needed immediately, but plenty of longer term potential. The girls think it is wonderful and the GLW and I think it really could work.

I’m not so sure whether it’s a case of fools rushing in where angels fear to tread, or providence, but I will be seeing a mortgage advisor tomorrow. Who knows? We might be joining the ranks of those owing serious amounts of money to the bank/building society sooner than we thought!

More when I know it…



1. Jane Williams - 6 August 2012

Sounds more to me like karma is on your side, and quite right too. Do us inquisitive types get a link to this place of wonders? I promise not to try to out-bid you đŸ™‚

2. Dr Moose - 6 August 2012
Jane Williams - 6 August 2012

Nice! Just one query – in the photo of the kitchen, why is the dishwasher so far out that it blocks access to a cupboard? You generally only pull those things out if there’s a problem – did it leak, or something?

Dr Moose - 6 August 2012

Well, it was still in that position, I think, when we went to look this afternoon… and we have our own dishwasher…

3. Chris - 7 August 2012

That looks good, the important rooms seem in good order. Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom. The rest can be redecorated in time.

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