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Time, Motivation and Reflection 30 January 2012

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings, Time.

It is not yet 9am. I have been at the computer since 8.15am. And I have not done any “work”.

Normally at this time on a Monday morning I would be in church for Morning Prayer (usually including a mini “staff meeting” with my retired Church Army sister). Today I’m not because LMP has a nasty cold and conjunctivitus.

I haven’t “done” much. Read a little about the role of bishops in contemporary society. Encouraged a few friends on Facebook. Not paid “work”, but still, perhaps “ministry” in the widest sense.

And have realised how tired I am. After what was for me a rather early night. I’ve also realised a little more about time and motivation.  I know other clergy who seem to work harder than I do.  Yet I still find myself more than a little taken aback that my initial though this morning, at 8.15am was, “better get to work then.”

Not that an unusual thought. Not uncommonly 6 days a week. No commuting so more work time, albeit sometimes leisurely and sometimes very mixed, and therefore a little more refreshing.

But even so. Would I want it different? I don’t know, since I have little to compare it with. But possibly, just possibly, it explains the tiredness. Twelve years this year. Maybe it really is time to sort out that Sabbatical…

Or is it more worrying that I should not only be thinking about starting “work” at the time I did, but that I also felt somewhat obliged?



1. kangerew - 30 January 2012

I can sympathise but at this moment in time I don’t have any wisdom to offer. As for myself I’m going on retreat for five days in March with a similar set of questions.

2. Jane Williams - 1 February 2012

Since in my last job I started feeling guilty if I was doing less than 10 hours a day, some of those hours at 2am, I can sympathise, and suggest you don’t allow the hours to creep any longer. I let them creep up to 14, sometimes to 36 (no, not in one day, but in one stretch), and this was a bad idea.

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