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Now… and then… and Facebook 3 November 2011

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings, Time.

Funny thing, Facebook. It’s a marvellous tool for reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances, but what it cannot (and should not) do is protect us from the reality that most of us change. Change is an inevitable product of life, presuming we are not so set in our ways that we engage with nothing beyond ourselves and our comfort zones.  The people I knew then are not necessarily the same people now. Opinions I might have counted as “normal” then, might seem extreme now, while those who were just “weird” then might occupy the same place as I do now… and it’s me who has changed. And that’s without the fact that nostalgia inevitably colours our memories: people I had no qualms about jettisoning in the past, simply because “life’s like that”, are people I want to catch up with now.

There are times when Facebook friends espouse positions I find offensive, or at best questionable, to the extent that I wonder whether I would like them in “real life”, even those I knew in “real life”. There are two things to be remembered when this comes along. Firstly, that there is a place for healthy disagreement, even if typed words are slow and clumsy and lacking in visual cues. For our mental health we need to encounter and wrestle with opposing views. And maybe more importantly to remember that I, and my opinions, may appear equally unpalatable, illogical, ridiculous and even offensive to the other, as theirs might to me!

So bear with me friends, through this strange journey we call life, and let God be the judge, as I pray I will let him be for you, and not my own mind.



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