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This world of Time to consecrate… 30 October 2011

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Faith, Life, Poetry, Time.

I wasn’t intending to pick up in detail about questions of theology, although if my memory serves me aright to full line is “Forth in the name of Christ we go, this world of time to consecrate” and opens up all sorts of questions to me about the nature of consecration and holiness, who imparts it, how much of it is deliberate and so on.

I was actually thinking about how we think about time. It is has always been there, and a mark of sentience (or is it sapience) seems to be an awareness of it (possibly along with the awareness of beginnings and ends, and therefore the “death to which we move” to quote the Common Worship Funeral Service).

So this, morning as our internal clocks (like the one that woke me at 6am GMT) struggle to align with our mental constructs of time. It left me wondering whether the whole of our drive to measure and record time, to mark it out and decree that “as of now” it’s such and such a time whereas yesterday it was such and such plus one is symptomatic of our need to appear in control, even of the things we cannot.

Yes, it is beholden (old word) upon s to use our time wisely, but that’s not the same as being slaves to it, even as we try to enslave it to our own ends. I seem to remember Death  in Terry Pratchett’s wonderful novel “Reaperman” having been “retired” questioning why humans thought of time and clocks as their friends when they inevitably ended up hinting at how little time they had in the light of eternity.

But enough of my half-awake wittering. I have a church service to do, and ironically, it being a 5th Sunday of the year, just as I’m trying to get across to folks that All Saints’ Tide is a time for us now as much as those paragons who have gone before, aided in my illustrations by Giles Fraser and the Occupy Movement, we are also in our own timewarp. We have put the clocks back to BCP and AV!

O well, one must needs hasten.



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